IT Staffing: What Is It and How Can It Help You?

IT Staffing: What Is It and How Can It Help You?

In light of all of the changes in the economy, many firms are laying off personnel in the IT field or freezing hiring.

IT staffing presents several unique challenges across various firms due to the profession's fast-paced and highly technical nature. Most organizations are now shrinking but still have work that needs to be done.

An IT staffing company can meet the long or short-term goals of the project and client environment to implement the optimized solution, whether it is placing a single project advisor, staffing a full-time/permanent position, or supplying a company with a sizable team of premised IT professionals for a long-term project. IT staffing services relieve many HR departments of the strain of identifying and screening hundreds of applications.

What Are IT Staffing Services?


IT staffing is a proactive way to supplement your recruiting process by enlisting the assistance of an outside partner to support your firm in finding competent applicants for information technology (IT) roles. These jobs may include:

  • Engineers in cloud computing
  • Computer networks experts
  • System designers
  • Computer support professionals
  • Helpdesk assistance
  • Administrators of databases
  • A variety of technical resources

IT staffing firms can help you find the best solution for your IT requirements, whether permanent or direct hiring, contract or temporary position or a retained recruitment services agreement.

How Is Technical Recruiting Carried Out?


Technical recruitment entails locating technical talent for IT and technology-related positions. The recruiter usually requires a decent grasp of tech jargon and critical technical abilities.

Following are the 7 tech recruitment strategy steps to implement IT recruitment:

  1. Identify hiring requirements
  2. Write the job description
  3. Emphasize the strengths and skills of your current team
  4. Understand technical terms
  5. Recognize technical talent
  6. Enhance the interview process
  7. Select the best recruitment channels

Different Types of Staffing Services

Here are the different types of services that a staffing agency offers:

Permanent/Direct Placement

A direct/permanent placement IT staffing agency connects IT applicants with prospective businesses to form long-term job connections.

This process comprises:

  • writing a job description,
  • creating a job posting,
  • reviewing applicant resumes, and
  • interviewing possible applicants.

We guarantee that you only see the best of the best applicants since the Murphy, McKay’s IT staffing team works directly with your HR department and hiring manager and pre-screens all candidates.

Services for Temporary IT Staffing

When a staffing agency recruits its personnel and sends them to assist or complement a client's IT workforce, this is referred to as temporary IT staffing services.


This sort of IT staffing solution is suited for the following scenarios:

  • absences from work
  • shortage of temporary skills
  • seasonal workloads
  • special initiatives
  • Budget constraints for headcounts

IT Staff Outsourcing Services

  • A staffing agency may save your company time and money while finding suitable employees.
  • A staffing agency serves as a liaison between employers and employees, assisting in matching competent individuals with organizations with current employment opportunities.
  • If your firm needs extra labor, engaging with a staffing agency may save you time while providing other advantages such as flexibility and decreased legal concerns (discussed in the next section).
  • Staffing companies often charge a markup ranging from 25% to 100% of the recruited employee's salary.

The Benefits of Using an IT Staffing Service

Working with a staffing business has several advantages. Here are a few to remember:

Quick Hiring

The employment market has evolved dramatically in recent years, and the hiring process is now lengthier and more challenging than in previous years.

"Great talent becomes harder to find, and it becomes extremely time-consuming for managers to review résumés and conduct interviews, all while still being responsible for their day-to-day operations," Matthew Rowles, business development manager at staffing firm Kavaliro, said. "Turning to a trusted staffing partner can save time and money. A staffing firm can prescreen and qualify candidates to ensure the manager is always interviewing candidates that are a fit for the role."


According to AJ Brustein, CEO and co-founder of on-demand employment platform Wonolo, many organizations are delaying recruiting for full-time roles for various reasons.

"Companies are trying to be more productive and only have workers when they are absolutely needed," Brustein told Business News Daily. "They need to find ways to make sure every dollar they spend is going to help the business. Temp staffing allows them to only have people when they need them, and those people are being productive."

Risk Reduction

Being an employer entails a slew of legal obligations, such as paying certain taxes, providing insurance coverage, and adhering to labor rules. Hiring staff entails significant financial and operational risks, particularly if someone needs to be dismissed or abruptly quits. When you hire a staffing business, the agency accepts many risks on your behalf.

Jason Leverant, chief operating officer of national staffing franchise AtWork Group, said, "Staffing firms are generally considered the employer of record when it comes to the temporary associates that are placed, so … [staffing firm clients] appreciate the fact that, for the most part, the staffing firm maintains full responsibility for the employees while they are on assignment."

At Murphy, McKay’s, We Connect Employers with Skilled IT

We want to encourage companies to hire us for their IT Staffing needs. We can supply technical resources (vetted employees from our teams), either full-time or part-time (temp employees).

Through our IT Consulting Services, we form long-term partnerships that benefit both our candidates and employers. After having a thorough research process, we locate employees who are up to date on the latest trends and changes.

For more information and guidance, you may consult our sales professionals who can match our recruiting tools to your needs, making your workforce better coordinated:

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